The proper nozzle for your power washer gun: What are their differences?

The proper nozzle for your power washer gun: What are their differences?

Choosing a proper nozzle for your power washer will depend on the job to be done. The different types allow you to clean several surfaces without any issue. Unlike the reels, which are don’t usually bring any problems to your hose and can even come with automatic functions, like Giraffetools,auto reels, the wrong nozzle can lead to damages on the surfaces. This will serve as your basic guide for choosing the right nozzle for the job.


Pressure wash nozzles are measured in degrees. While 0° is a stream of water, 60° is a wide fan. They are color-coded, typically, to allow for easy identification.

0° red nozzle 

Red nozzles are the most powerful. They are usually seen in concrete cleaning. But, because they are very sharp, they can be dangerous to most surfaces. That’s why it is the least used of all the nozzles. The small, concentrated stream of water can cut straight through the skin and even wood. So be careful!

The long, concentrated stream of water can be used to knock down wasp nests or clean stubborn stains and debris on concrete.

15° Yellow nozzle

The perfect one for thick dirt, this spray pattern will have some serious effect on your cleaning. But, because of its strength, you have to take extra care to avoid scarring the wood or vinyl siding.

It is perfect for cleaning dirty concrete, bricks or any time heavy debris needs to be washed off of a hard surface. It packs a punch to clean even the dirtiest surfaces with any pressure washer.

25° Green nozzle

This has the widest cleaning capability. If you hold it close enough to the surface, the spray pattern is concentrated enough to clean concrete and brick. But slightly further away from the surface, it's gentle enough to clean the wood and siding without leaving scars.

The green nozzle spreads out at a 25 -degree angle 36 inches above the surface, and is approximately 16 inches wide, making it ideal for soft-wash rinsing. Remember, however, that a soft rinse requires a straight line between the tip and the surface.

40° white nozzle 

Decks, cars, fences, plaster, and just about anything that requires a low-pressure cleaning method will benefit from this nozzle. Its generous spray pattern lessens the impact of water on surfaces. If done properly, the cleaning will not scar or corrode even the softer surfaces.

60° black nozzle 

This one can activate the chemical injector on the pressure washer. Most chemical injectors engage due to pressure loss. That’s why this nozzle has a much larger opening than the others. It enables the pressure washer to sense a "drop" in pressure and initiate the flow of chemicals through the hose.

This tip should also be used if you need an extremely low-pressure A larger opening can reduce pressure significantly, so it isn’t that far from a shower nozzle.

Choosing the right one for the job will allow you to avoid damaging surfaces, especially for those who like to power wash their cars.